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Folgend haben wir für Sie die wichtigsten Informationen zum Thema RoHS aus der Darfon-Website zusammengefasst.

It is in conformity with the environmental protection trend in the world, DARFON Electronics Corp. had begun to launch 'Green Product Project’ since January of 2004.

In order to conduct the ' Green Product Project ' successfully, at the beginning DARFON set up a cross-department unit of ‘the Headquarter Task Force Team’, leading the implementation of ' Green Product Plan '. In the meanwhile, DARFON also set up a “Business Division Task Force Team” in order to assist the promotion of the business. Its members contain every relevant department.

In order to reduce the impact to the environment, DARFON is improving, developing more environmental protection products constantly and setting up management system to control hazardous substances and ensure the procedure of “ Incoming Material” and “Production” fitted with the green products’ quality control procedure of DARFON by management system. DARFON forbids controlled materials, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, PBB and PBDE, that forbid being used in RoHS’ construction, DARFON have also defined many kinds of hazardous substance will endanger consumer's health and the environment, and list these substances in the eliminate list. Besides the regulation of RoHS, DARFON define the more severe standard not only to meet customers’ different satisfactions for green products, but also to get permitted to reuse, recycle and recover easily in future.

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